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Anti Stress Finger Hand Grip Snapper

Anti Stress Finger Hand Grip Snapper

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The product is made of soft and elastic high-quality silicone material, so children and adults can use it with confidence.
The product features light weight, small size, light weight, bright colors, and easy to carry. Bright colors can immediately attract the attention of babies and adults, and consumers will not feel tired when holding it.
The product can be pressed at will, not only can exercise hand strength, but also can be used as a decompression toy, squeeze it at will.

Material: Silicone
Product category: color kneading music
Specification: 5.5X8.5X2 CM
Color; colored pineapple, colored French fries, colored round, colored poop
Applicable age: children (4-6 years old)

Package Content
Suction cup gripper X1

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