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Fidget Toys Pack Full Set™-Original Pop It Fidgets

Fidget Toys Full Set™-Original - PopItNation®

Fidget Toys Pack Full Set™-Original Pop It Fidgets

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Packing list:
Unzip toy set X1

Get your hands on one — or all — of these fidget toys for you or your child, and you’ll start to notice how these useful tools can improve concentration and composure.

Fidget toys help reduce stress and anxiety in both kids and adults. They keep your hands busy when extreme boredom sets in. These toys are a great way to release nervous energy, especially in settings like classrooms and offices, where sitting in one position for an extended period is often required. The toys on this list are all small enough to bring with you anywhere.


Relieve Stress & Anxiety: Just use these Sensory Fidget Toys to play, squeeze, stretch and flip to relieve stress and anxiety. These sensory toys packages are the best calming stuff and stress relief for kids, teens, adults & even autistic kids... Overall a GREAT Relaxation Therapy.

Really Convenient & Easy To Play: Amazing items that are very portable and can be played with anywhere, e.g. in the library, school, classroom, office, car, bus or home.

Packages Include: 3 different packages are available (22/23/23)pcs, each comes with the gadgets present in the picture.

Customer Review

Amazing! I’m 12, but my nine and three year old sister and brother try to steel them all the time! Lol! Great 9.99 dollar price! The pop it’s have a quiet side and a loud side! Keep in mind they’re easy to clean! They are Awesome for a long car rides or when I’m anxious at school! Yay

Katie Prescott

My daughter loves these as a sensory item. She will sit and pop them over and over while she is doing other things, or just sit and play with them. They are like reusable bubble wrap to me. Best sensory item I have purchased so far. Better than those bags of junk.

Brandy Gambill

My children love these things. They play with them all day. It soothes my 5 year old daughter when she gets frustrated or upset.

Author's name

Thin, only pop on one side. My daughter likes them “ok” and doesn’t want to wait for new ones to be delivered but there definitely are better ones out there. Only one side actually pops and it’s very light. The other side doesn’t make any noise at all and almost falls through. Not worth the $. Buy another that is thicker.

Gordon fam

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