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Variety of Push Bubble Pop it

Variety of Push Bubble Pop it

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Pop It Fidget™ - Original Push Bubble Pop

Meet the Pop It Fidget, the award wining fidget toy for endless fun with the family and on your own. Use it as competitive game or a personal fiddly toy. It's also great for children with autism and builds motor skills.  

No rules here! Pop pop pop to your heart's content! 

Game With Two Players

1. Player one pops any amount of bubbles in one line only. Player 2 then has to pop any amount of bubbles in a new line

2. Both players will now take turns until the last bubble is left

3. We have a winner! Player with the last bubble on their turn loses


Material: Silicone
Product Category: Educational Toys
Whether it is electric: No
Packing method: color box
3C configuration category: toys over 14 years old
Applicable age: Juvenile (7-14 years old)
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